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Oh Mighty Lord Honey Bee


his eyes just say “please open the pudding cups”

wtf are you talking about thats flan


Lady Gaga takes on the ice-bucket challenge



I can’t wait for her to meet Crissy


i literally feel like im about to throw up my stomach and die bc im so hongry and haven’t eaten 1 thing all day and i just like scavenged the whole house and there is nothing i like i cant believe this is how my life is gonna end

I am praying for you. #saveperry2012







i’m crying

i want this video to play on my tombstone 








Iggy Azalea and cotton candy

I have seen some dumb blogs before but my God. This is the most mind numbingly stupid “art” blog there is. Only an idiot would like this moronic content. For Christ’s sake look at yourselves people. “Food that looks like Iggy Azalea” look at yourselves… yeah that’s you. You look fucking stupid.

y u so mad slick daddy? it looks like you should step away from your computer and take 5.

here, please take your complimentary Iggy bread and see your way out.

ok then, so slickdaddy1, you’re criticising this blog when yours is like that? hmm ok, maybe you should stay in your lane and not have a trash ass shit blog before calling someone elses blog stupid. yourself… yeah that’s you. You look fucking stupid.

I love how you’re all bent out of shape because your blog was called out for being fucking idiotic. The only reason your tumblr famous is because your simple content appeases to easily entertained short bus kids. Lol “while your blog looks like that,” OH NO! you insulted my blog! I’m so offended! Jk. It’s a blog. Idgaf.

Oh yeah, and I’m stupid? You’re the one who’s who runs a blog that posts pictures of food that “looks” like iggy Azalea. That is literally the only comeback I need.

Bitch please, learn to read who is reblogging you because you’re not making any sense.

Say one more rude thing slickdaddy1 I will call the cops and you’re going to be in so much trouble.





But why the last one though
what am I not getting

I can’t breath…I have not laughed this hard in years 

Okay, quick story about the last one- I go to this school too, and the creative writing teacher is rad as hell (like the kind to give out free coffee on fridays)

After all of the kids have submitted their short stories, he reads them all for the first time to his two kids, who help him grade them, in a way.

One time, a girl wrote a story about a sheep, named Trixie, making her dream come true by moving to the big city to become an actress, a singer, or whatever (he was pretty vague on the description) 

She took a bus and a few trains and finally ended up in the ‘Big City’, where she tries to make her dream come true.

Now I dont remember the exact sequence of events that came next, but Trixie the sheep eventually ended up becoming a prostitute mid-sentence.

Our teacher didnt really realize this at the time, since it was his first time reading it, and to his kids he was caught completely off guard. And lets just say he had to explain a few new concepts to his kids that night..

And that’s why we can’t write any more stories about Trixie going to the Big City.

Excuse me what is wrong with number 3






i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??


OH MY GOD. Best ice bucket challenge video ever.

This officially made my entire life better.

oh my fucking god

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. A baby was born in 1981 in September. This girl could become a woman and grow to touch the hearts of millions. However she didn't. Because this woman was not Beyoncé Knowles.

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